Colorful sculpture in Frankfurt (Oder) © Stadtmarketing Frankfurt (Oder)
A region to live, work and feel good in

Under the regional brand ODERLAND-SPREE companies from different industries are united. This diversity also flows into the regional brand ODERLAND-SPREE. Through the bundling, an overarching management is created for the first time, which leads to an increase in efficiency and information. Furthermore a strengthened market appearance is created, so that it comes to an increased perception of the region ODERLAND-SPREE at the market. Only ODERLAND-SPREE as a whole has an impressive mix of industries and thus the necessary economic and political clout. Therefore, the region has decided to communicate and present to the market all potentials under this umbrella through the regional brand ODERLAND-SPREE, which clearly focuses on the region of origin and uses it as a clear sender.

Who should the regional brand ODERLAND-SPREE address?

The first and most important target group are the people who themselves live and work in this region ODERLAND-SPREE. After all, they are the primary source of all experience and carry this experience more or less strongly to the outside. Of course, regional companies and structures, institutions, associations and all actors who care about the region ODERLAND-SPREE, of course tourists and of course investors, but also professionals and international organizers and multipliers should be addressed.

The objectives of the regional brand ODERLAND-SPREE

Increase perception
Through a uniform brand, the perception on the market increases. The region is able to join the set of relevant investment areas, destinations and residential areas.

Increase the number of tourists, investors and residents
A unified presence across all areas increases market awareness and increases the presumption of quality among tourists, investors and potential residents.

Use cross-selling
The joint market presence enables cross-referencing and information about the region's product and service mix and leads to increased awareness in the market and thus, as a result, to an increase in sales.

Customer retention
Satisfied customers and investors pass on their experiences. Therefore, a consistent brand strategy serves primarily to maintain the satisfaction of customers with the products and services offered and, if necessary, to improve it. It also makes sense to seek intensive contact with customers and to strive for constant feedback.