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What advantage do you have?

Every actor who decides to use the regional brand Oderland-Spree contributes to strengthening the region ODERLAND-SPREE and creates a figurehead through the brand. This makes it possible to present our region better and to show why the region ODERLAND-SPREE is lovable and worth living. Thus our products and services are better perceived on the market and assigned to our region. The sales area is enlarged and each individual is economically strengthened. Due to the diversity of the offer, our brand is distinctive compared to the other competitive regions.

Who can advertise with the brand?

Any natural or legal person whose goods or services originate from the area of ODERLAND-SPREE is entitled to use the regional trademark ODERLAND-SPREE by concluding a trademark partner agreement. The area ODERLAND-SPREE includes the districts Oder-Spree, Märkisch-Oderland as well as the city of Frankfurt (Oder).

... the togetherness of many in this varied landscape makes the region worth living and loving. There are short distances here, space for ideas. The immediate proximity to the metropolis of Berlin enriches life, be it at work, leisure or recreation. Countless links with the neighboring Polish region expand the scope in all areas of life.

TORALF SCHIWIETZ | Managing Director of the Euroregion PRO EUROPA VIADRINA

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