Cows on the pasture © Clara Bastian/istockphoto
Fit for the future
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Innovative and sustainable ideas

Levkoe cultivation © Volkmar Heinz/Gartenbauverband Berlin-Brandenburg e. V.

Plants are our life

Horticultural products are an essential component for our nutrition and especially for our future. In the context of the Mitmachkampagne "futureGARDENBAU - plants are our life" of the horticulture federation Berlin Brandenburg registered association also member enterprises from ODERLAND-SPREE, like the fruit yard Dohrmann, the fruit property apple gallery, the Markendorf fruit in Frankfurt (Oder) or the Fontana Gartenbau in Küstriner Vorland show, which can contribute horticulture to climatic rescue.

Salad production - everything from a single source

Agrargenossenschaft Neuzelle eG took 3rd place in the pro agro MARKETING PRIZE 2024 for "Direct Marketing". In line with the motto "Everything from a single source", the idea of producing salads from their own products was born in 2020. The main ingredient in the salads is 100% meat from the company's own livestock farming. Other ingredients include cucumbers and onions from the Spreewald region, as well as mayonnaise from the regional brand. These closed cycles provide the best control over the quality and consistency of the products. Production, processing and marketing in the region, with short transportation routes, also contributes to sustainability.

Greened pigsty

The model project of the Ranzig agricultural cooperative "Innovative stable greening systems in animal husbandry to improve animal welfare and environmental protection" is investigating the influence of plants on animal welfare and the carbon footprint.

Pumpkin soup © congerdesign/Pixabay

Wish you meal

Wünsch Dir Mahl Müncheberg produces vegan organic soups in jars and sells them under the brands "Wünsch Dir Mahl" and "Daily Soup" in food retailers and online stores. The products are predominantly sourced from the region, and attention is paid to recyclable materials in the packaging.

Weekly seasonal vegetables and fruits

PlantAge is a solidarity-based farm organized as a cooperative and the first biocyclic-vegan certified vegetable farm in Germany. From its own fields in Brandenburg, households in ORLAND-SPREE are supplied weekly with fresh vegetables and fruit via a pick-up station in Frankfurt (Oder)

Ecological and sustainable

In Frankfurt (Oder) we have found the perfect breeding ground for our project and have been able to build something really nice here in the short time. We enjoy our time here professionally and privately, and that's why Frankfurt (Oder) is the place to live for both of us.

JUDITH HENN | Co-founder of the solidarity farming PlantAge (Source: Stadtmarketing Frankfurt (Oder)/PlantAge)