Whether entrepreneurial inventiveness or research in the service of science - with innovative thinking and solution approaches in all areas and industries, ODERLAND-SPREE is responding to current challenges and changed living and working conditions. Sustainable, digital and modern - the region is excellently positioned for the future.

Research in Frankfurt (Oder) © Mathias Eckert

On the pulse of time

Research is also at home in ODERLAND-SPREE. Several research institutes with outstanding expertise as well as the university research facilities make the region an attractive science location

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"Don't tell me that it doesn't work!"

To think nature and tradition, innovation and economic power, intelligently together - Oderland-Spree demonstrates it. This short quote from Regine Hildebrandt expresses how progress goes, namely with spirited pluck, overcome existing obstacles - it is a phrase from Oderland-Spree.

ROLF LINDEMANN | District Administrator of the Oder-Spree district

27.05.2024–29.05.2024 | Frankfurt (Oder)

European University Viadrina invites you to ERLab Days – Scientific and practical exploration of entrepreneurial ecosystems

What makes an entrepreneurial ecosystem and what role do the three success factors of creativity, communication and community play? The ERLab Days from May 27 to 29, 2024 will address these questions in a mixture of scientific conference and regional exploration in Berlin and Brandenburg.