The mission statement of the regional management ODERLAND-SPREE outlines how the region will develop in the coming years as a result of the TESLA settlement and what is to be achieved. The overriding goal is to promote the development and marketing of the entire business location ODERLAND-SPREE. The mission statement clarifies the common will of the regional planning community, the regional management as well as regional economic actors.

Three central guidelines were defined within the framework of the structural and action concept. Ideas for implementing the guidelines were bundled into strategic recommendations for action. This shows the way in which the region intends to achieve the goals it has set.

Commercial and industrial sites Locations

Development of industrial and commercial areas

In order to be able to successfully use the development impulse as a result of the TESLA settlement, the (further) development of industrial and commercial areas is planned. Here the regional management accompanies actively in the industrial and commercial area development and advises politics and administration, in order to extend the technical authority and to advise purposefully. The measures adopted in this context are intended to accelerate the tapping and development of new commercial and industrial sites and their marketing, as well as to accompany real estate management.

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Skilled Workforce Retention

Skilled labor assurance, which is important in the same context, aims to recruit, train and retain workers as a key element for both existing and newly established companies. For this purpose, attractive location factors are to be created within the framework of regional management, such as an inviting science and research landscape, social stability and good infrastructure. This is achieved through a good mobility offer in the region, the expansion of the catchment area across state borders, and the development of residential construction potential, which contributes to a positive regional marketing of residential locations.

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Competitive Business Locations

In order to promote the development of competitive business locations and to be able to take advantage of the international attention as an economic region, the support of the regional management focuses on maintaining and expanding the industry competence of the companies, the establishment of new companies, expansion of existing companies, as well as accompanying networking and dialogue processes.