The Oder-Spree district is characterised by a high locational advantage. Its location between the metropolis of Berlin, the capital city airport Berlin-Brandenburg Willy-Brandt (BER) and the university locations of Wildau, Cottbus and Frankfurt (Oder) on the German-Polish border stands for accessibility, innovation and access to a highly qualified workforce.

With its high quality of life, a diverse economic structure and economic centres such as Fürstenwalde/Spree and Eisenhüttenstadt, it offers an attractive functioning environment for investment projects, as the Tesla Gigafactory has recently impressively demonstrated.

Gewerbe- und Industrieflächen Standorte

Commercial and industrial areas

More than 60 commercial and industrial sites,
most of them in the immediate vicinity of Berlin,
with a total area of 2,469 ha.

Descriptions of the regionally significant sites in the Oder-Spree district

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Transport connections

A transport infrastructure for freight and passenger transport as the basis for your business success:

  • Two Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) corridors: North Sea-Baltic and Orient/Eastern Mediterranean.
  • European rail freight corridor (North Sea - Baltic)
  • Two federal waterways: Oder (Class IV) and Spree-Oder waterway (Class III) and loading facilities (e.g. port of Eisenhüttenstadt)
  • Border crossing (D - PL) via waterway in Eisenhüttenstadt 
  • Direct connection to the capital city airport Berlin-Brandenburg Willy-Brandt (BER)
  • Connection to RE 1: Magdeburg - Potsdam - Berlin - Frankfurt (Oder) - Cottbus
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East Brandenburg Business Development Corporation Ltd.

Ostbrandenburgische Wirtschaftsfördergesellschaft mbH
Tränkeweg 5
15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree
Phone +49 3361 566 02 12

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Economic development in the Oder-Spree district administration

Wirtschaftsförderung Landkreis Oder-Spree
Goetheplatz 5–6
15517 Fürstenwalde/Spree
Phone +49 3361 599-1617


Commercial and industrial sites in the Oderland-Spree economic region

Commercial and industrial sites in the Oderland-Spree economic region 
Are you looking for a suitable location for your business? Here you will find an overview of the available existing sites in the Oderland-Spree economic region.

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